The objective of IEA Wind Task MEXNEX(T) is a thorough investigation of various aerodynamic measurements. In Phase I the attention is focussed on the measurements which have been carried out in the EU sponsored Mexico project where Phase II investigates a wide variety of (Field and wind tunnel) experiments, Phas II also included the preparation and performance of the  'New Mexico' experiment. Special attention is paid to yawed flow, instationary aerodynamics, 3D effects, tip effects, non-uniformity of flow between the blades, near wake aerodynamics, turbulent wake, standstill, tunnel effects etc. These effects are analysed by means of different categories of models (CFD, free wake methods, engineering methods etc.). In the third phase of MEXNEX(T), the analysis of the New Mexico data is included (not forgetting other interesting measurements, e.g. measurements taken by FFA in the large CARDC wind tunnel in China in the 1980’s or CARDC PIV measurements on a 1/8 scaled down NREL Phase VI rotor, or LDA measurements from Mie University etc).

As such the Task provides insight on the accuracy of different types of models and (descriptions for) improved wind turbine models.